30 Best Shinning Prom Updos For Long Hair in 2017

Updos For long Hair –  Most Amazing Hairstyle for long hair 2017 Step by Step Pictures And Video Tutorials

If you have long hair, then trust me you are very lucky. It is a blessing that very few women have this. With Short hair, you cannot do much and cannot make different hairstyles, but on the other hand, long hair has this advantage.Updos for long hair is the trendy topic this summer.Women with long hair usually face difficulty in tying their hair. The updo is best for long hair because one cannot go out in the scorching sun with open long hair. These straightforward and easy to do updos have made the life of many women comfortable.The fabulous updos that are in vogue this summer are as follows.

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Let’s take a look!

30 Most Hottest Good looking Updos for long hair

# French Knot Updoupdos-for-long-hairs-1

It is one of the best updos for long hair. You can only tie a French knot and then make a bun of the hair that are left over. This updo is best for people who have a long face. This style only takes four to five minutes even if you are not a pro at making it. This updo gives a more professional touch to your overall look. You can make french knot updo if you are going to some unique and important meeting as it will impress your boss and you might get the promotion.

# Princess Updoupdos-for-long-hairs-2

It’s a very cute and easy to make updo. Your messy hair will look organized in this, and it is best if you are going on a Sunday pool party with your girls, or you are going out for shopping.This updo is brawny enough to last long. You can only make a braid starting from one side and head towards the other end and then make the bun of the hair that is left behind.

# Twist And Pin Hair Do

Source: colincowieweddings.com

This style is specifically for special and important events like your best friend’s wedding party. It’s very simple yet very trendy. Pin-up some accessories like beads or colorful pearls in this updo to make it more attractive and eye-catching. It is the best style for formal events.

# Quick Twisted Updo

Source: hairromance.com

It’s one of the simplest updo ever. Just divide your hair into two portions. Wrap your hair from each side and then pin it up and make a updo with the remaining hair.this can be done within two minutes and it is best if you are getting late for your office.

# The Chic Updo

Source: fashionisers.com

The Chic updo is trendy and popular among those women who usually do not have ample of time to sit and spend time on making a perfect bun. It’s very classy yet messy. It is ideal for moms who are usually very busy. Just simple take the hair in their hands and twist it up into a messy bun and pin it up.It’s one of the modern updos for long hair.

 # Simple Gibson Updoupdos-for-long-hairs-5

It’s an eminent updo which called after a celebrity named as Ted Gibson. It is very easy to make. Firstly, make a ponytail and then twist the hair into a bun. It is very easy and takes just a few seconds. You won’t be needing a mirror if you are a pro at it.This updo is perfect if you are going to a beach party just wear some vibrant colored dress along with gladiators and you are all set for the party.

# Romantic Braided Updo updos-for-long-hairs-6

If you are going on a date with someone special and you want to look great on this night, then romantic braided updo is best for this occasions. If you will wear some stylish black backless dress and put on some hot red lipstick, then you are all ready to set the stage on fire tonight. Above all d not forget to wear high heels.

# Classic Chignon Updoupdos-for-long-hairs-7

The classic chignon is a personal favorite of most of the ladies. It’s a perfect style when you are going on a new year’s eve or even if you ar going out for a walk.This updo will loo great if you wear a short knee-length dress with some vibrant colored flats. If you have planned to stay out for long, then it is the best style, and you must go for it.

# Low Roll Updo


If your friend is on their way to pick you up for some party and you do not know what style you should go for then, low roll up is the best. Only throw your hair into this style, and you will look stunning.It is convenient to reconstruct and looks gorgeous.

# Crazy Braided Updo

Source: Pinterest.com

It’s one the funkiest updos for long hair. If you want to impress your partner, then this style is the best, and it won’t make your hair look unkempt and messy.Only throw back your hair into this impulsive bun and look smashingly hot.This hairdo is perfect for hot summer days. Also, if you are going out in summers, this style is the choice of most of the young girls.

# Upside Down French Braidedupdos-for-long-hairs-10

It’s indeed a very modish hairdo. It can be slightly difficult to make as it is not easy to make French knot starting from the neck and then moving upwards. The hair that will be left is twisted int a messy bun.Only a bit of effort can result into a beautiful updo. Add a small flower or color pin to finish the look and to make the bun peppier.This isIt’seasy to make and perfect if you are getting late nad your family is sitting in the car and waiting for you impatiently.

#Rope Braid

Source: wikihow.com

It’s a sexy updo for those girls who have long sleek black shiny hair. As the name indicates, it resembles like a rope. You can accessorize the rope braid with colorful headbands or small pins. This updo is perfect for birthday parties. You only dress up cutely and wear some cute accessories and necklaces to add an X-factor.

#Ballerina Bun

Source: hair.allwomenstalk.com

This bun is very alluring and eye catching.This style is only for those girls who have long hair to pull up into a ponytail.First, brush your hair to get rid of the tangled strands.Grab your ponytail from its base and roll it over your hand to make a little loop.Now tie the end of the loop to make a perfect high bun. Now hook them with bobby pins. This style is thunderous and bold and perfect if you are going to a high-level party of an elite class. You can do bold makeup with it, and it would be perfect if you for the smokey eyes. Wear some heavy golden colored earrings. Wearing black long gown wit this will make you stand out in the crowd.

# Pin And Prom Updo

Source: longhairstyles.co

This updo for long hair is not favorable for formal events. This style will look good if you are just going out to a nearby market or if you are going to a movie. That will be made withing few seconds, and it does not need much of settlement.It’s a very trouble-free updo for long and silky hair.

# Inside Out Ponytail Updo updos-for-long-hairs-15

It’s very easy and the personal favorite of many teenage girls. If you have long blonde hair, then this is the updo that you should go for it. Just tie your hair into a high ponytail and tuck the end of it into a loose hair bun and fix the strands of the hair into a loose bun. It’s perfect for some sports event like if you are going to see cricket or football match then it is the best. Simply wear jeans and sweat T-shirt with it, you can also add the jacket with this style.NO need to wear any accessory with it be straightforward and elegant and look fabulous.

# Accent Braid Updo for Promupdos-for-long-hairs-16

If you want your prom to be as crazy as wild as you, just try this updo for long hair. Because sometimes feminine charm needs some upgrades to work. These prom updos are monstrously cute and feminine all the way. And the biggest plus point of this prom updo that it is so easy to make that you can make it at home effortlessly. Just make a messy curly bun and add accent braid to your style. And give it a finishing touch with a face-framing wisp of your long hair.

# Side Pieces with Messy Bunupdos-for-long-hairs-17

Looking for an all in one prom hairstyle, that made you look fantastic.Surely you are looking at the right place. This selection of easy updos for long hair goes along well with any dress you want to wear. Create a French side braid near the crown. Step two is to create a messy bun. Now go to the back side and create a teased poof. Separate the long strand of hair from the front and give them curly look. Work on the finishing touch with some hairspray. This style is fun and formal all the way.

# Messy Updo with Low Rolled Bun

Source: www.brit.co

Low rolled bun is the great hairdo for long hair because it is so easy to make and it comes without saying that you can wear this style on any occasion. No matter where are you planning to go whether it’s a beach day or any formal meeting. Another plus point of the style is that curly or straight hair this style suits them all so don’t worry about the hair type any long hair can do it.

Useful Tips:

7 useful natural ways to reduce your hair fall while combing

# Fishtail Updo

Source: Instagram.com

Forget the complicated styling try this simple updo for long hair. Rather than making the braid that comes along with the hairline use this version of accent braid. Start from the front side of your part and goes towards your back of your head while working from the ear. For the perfect styling create a loose bun by section off the hair and make it loose as possible.

# Messy High Bunupdos-for-long-hairs-20

Rising trend of formal hairstyles for long hair gives birth to the new ideas of messy updos styling. This unique and creative hairstyle are fantastic. Creating messy bun is never so simpler before, this messy high bun is a good news for those people who have a very busy schedule to work on and don’t have time to work on the health and styling of their long hair. All you need to create this style is just a strong hair elastic. Pull your hair from the center of your head straight up and high, now secure a ponytail with hair elastic at the top of your head. Let the final loop loose and free to create this lovely weather messy bun.

# Elegantly Curled Updos

Source: Instagram.com

Are you in search of hairstyle for an elegant party? Your search has come to an end. Doesn’t worry about your big nights; just leave it to this curled summer updos for long hair. Considered to be the best style for a party. Prefer professional touch before trying it at home because this method requires some professional skill to shine perfectly. And if you are making it at home, note down some tips. First of all, use the texturing spray to give your hair a nice look. And secondly carefully pin your curled hair.

# Formally Messy Updos for Long Hair

Source: fanfujiancha.com

Everyone loves to look fancy. And if you are going to a fancy occasion check out this formal fancy looking hairstyle that comes with the elegant and charming look. Chaos can be cute if you present it well. This chaotic style with the addition of feminine charm can take the heart of anyone just in the blink of an eye. This style is the great example of updos for long hair with bangs and layers. You have to make this style with some strategy. Your first option is straight hair because they work best with messy updos. At the end leave some side wisps for touch.

# Second Day Updos second-day updosupdos-for-long-hairs-22

Washing your hair is an unhealthy exercise. It steals moisture and shine from your hair. We came up with the idea to wear this long haircut for women with style. The second day messy updos let you enjoy your day without any styling and time wasting. As long hair is the blessing, but sometimes it becomes the pain. Get rid of this pain and try this hairstyle instead just by adding some spray and making side sweeps. And of course, you have to add many pins too.

# Silver Age Updosupdos-for-long-hairs-23

A mixture of the chignon, sleek, French twist, full bun and updos, this creative classical style comes with a modern touch. If you are in search of glamor and fun, this style is surely the intelligent choice. For a date night, the messy bun is always a good option, but this style is much more than that. Special occasions demand special styling and silver age updos truly makes you unique. Long hair is the main ingredient for the style as long hair can provide fullness to the bun and make this style perfect as you are.

# Center Twist Updos


Always nourish your inner childhood because aging is mental, not physical. To bring back, the inner child in you give your wardrobe a childishly cute touch with this center twist updos. Remember the twisted braid from your childhood that your mom used to make while preparing you for school let’s try it again. Just make a twisted braid from the center of your head. At the end of the braid make a sloppy knot, and the perfect summer look is ready to go. For extra texture spray some hairspray.

# Cascading Curls Updo

Source: Instaram.comg

Trending messy haircuts for long hair, when your hair doesn’t need to be way up. Just volumize your hair as much s you can then make a sassy ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Perfect match for the Grecian and boho dresses. Specifically for big nights this gives you a sparkly look and catches the eye of everyone.

# Jumbo Twist Updoupdos-for-long-hairs-26

An excellent example of the black updos for long hair. This hairstyle comes in many variant forms. You just need shoulder length hair to wear this style. This gorgeous style gives you spiraled look in some easy steps. Formal look usually demands little bun with clean styling. But this style is unique in its ways with a side part and with the addition of all around twist you can quickly look like a sweet and beautiful Grecian Goddess just add matching wardrobe. This style best suits to black hair and especially to black women.

# Zig-Zag Updos

Source: cutegirlshairstyles.com

Easy updos for long hair is zig-zag updos. Long hair is the suitable match to the style, but mid length hair also does it fine. The second requirement is thick hair for the bun because thick hair gives fullness to the bun and enhances the volume of style. A Little creativity can do no harm to the style. Just let your imagination go wild and experiment with the style as you see fit to your personality. Create zig-zag at the back of your head. And a large twisted top knot at the top end of your head. Love to turn heads? Then yes this style is definitely for you Girl.

# Fluffy Knot Updosupdos-for-long-hairs-28

Tired of the regular messy bun, try this fluffy triple knot bun at the top of your head. One of the trending elegant updos for long hair. Working daytime is short for styling, this style just takes 5 minutes from your precious time, and you are ready to go in no time. First, volumize your hair with any reliable hair product. Then create a triple knot bun at the top of your head. This sophisticated style gives you a formal and non-formal look at the same time.

# Meadow Messy Updosupdos-for-long-hairs-29

Looking for long hair updos easy to do yourself? This style is the lot more comfortable than it looks but fancy at the same time. Natural and beautiful looks guaranteed after wearing this style. Got beautiful long hair and wanted to cover them for a different look try this one. Naturally, messy styling combined with feminine charm gives absolute beauty.

# Braided Messy Updosupdos-for-long-hairs-30

Sometimes imperfection is more attractive than perfection this summer updos for long hair is the best example of imperfect beauty. Just French braid one side of your hair and jot down all your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with hair elastic. Now see your style into the mirror and try to hold back that look. use bobby pins to keep the style and add some hairspray for shine and secure hold.

Mentioned above are some of the trendiest updos which are in fashion this summer season. There are smooth and trouble-free, and they last long if they are properly made and properly pinned up. You can use hair bands or bobby pins for fixing them up if you feel that they are losing their integrity. These updos will fetch everyone attention.So if you are getting late for your office or you want to have a unique hairdo, then these are the best choices for you, and you can only choose any of them and just steal the show and be the rockstar.Only try these simple and convenient hairstyles out and look cool, stylish, beautiful and elegant.

What are the reasons UPDOS for long hair easy is the first choice for modern girls in 2017

Do you honestly want to take your hairstyle to the next level and seeking for something different that you get all the applause and compliments?updos-for-long-hairs-31

Then you ought to choose that suits your face and is in demand right now. There are a lot of hairstyles you may have experienced throughout your life, but no one gets close to the UPDOS for long hair easy, the reason is simple they are trending worldwide and has become the popular choice for both young and old modern women.

Some so many girls have long hair naturally but still they not able to pick the right hairstyle that suits their personality.Doing experimenting is good, but perhaps you need to see that what you are making makes sense and you become idolized for someone else.

You have to go to the hair parlor or salon to get a hairstyle and waste time and money in that process you still don’t know how to manage it by coming this far.

So why not go to the different direction and put your long hair in that way where it is safe and sound, and you won’t need to worry anymore go anywhere you want with confidence showing the charm of your beauty.

The fashion of hairstyle has taken the world by storm, and it is still growing because everybody loves to stay in perfect shape all the time which others acknowledge your skill of making hairstyles.

For all you ladies out there who are facing discomfort and struggling to make hairstyles and don’t know how to maintain it for a long time.

You don’t need to cut your long hair off or don’t need to leave your precious hair without a style when you can have a quick and perfect hairstyle.

That will give you the whole new look that no one will recognize you can bet it will surely leave a long impact on other people in so many ways.

Having said that we below had listed some of the real facts about what are the reasons UPDOS for long hair easy is the first choice for modern girls in 2016 to help you understand how much this hairstyle is different from all the other typical hairstyles,

Does it bring convenience to your hair, which is the most trendy hairstyle is going on related to latest fashion, how many hairstyles are out there you can choose in terms of UPDOS, is there any accessory needed to make this hairstyle on a daily basis, are UPDOS indeed the excellent choice to lift your overall personality,

what are the essential steps you have to follow to make a DIY hairstyle, for which occasions it is best suitable for you, can this style provides you the benefits you always wanted for your hair, how much time it would make a long-lasting UPDO Style, and why it is worth to try out in the first place.

  1. How much is this hairstyle different from all the other typical hairstyles?

    As you all know that making hairstyles could be tough sometimes you get confused what to do, and in that process you make mistakes, and the hairstyle gets dropped over and over.

    You have the habit of making Bun, ponytails, short UPDOS but they won’t live up to the expectation for your daily needs. Perhaps ‘’casual UPDOS for long hair’’ you are seeking for every use. No need to go under for those hairstyles that waste your time and won’t suit. Even if you have short hair length, you can still make it more elegant just by making some efforts.

  • Does it bring convenience to your hair?

Everybody is very demanding today, especially the girls when it comes to hairstyle no one likes to make any compromise.

If you fed up waking in the morning and looking in a mirror and instead of disappointing you can certainly bring some changes in your hair department and try this one out quickly Because normally having long hair could be exquisite and bad it depends on how much great care you have for them.

If you want to make a hairstyle that is very convenient, then you can do this one and have no worries. With this hairstyle, you can transform your hair into a splendid one and trust us you won’t look boring anymore.

  • Which is the trendiest hairstyle is going on related to latest fashion?

You can consider yourself the lucky one if you have long hair because you get to try out so many hairstyles that are going around all over the world.

Where trendy messy UPDOS gives you relaxation and don’t need to make too many efforts. It opens doors to making the whole new style with different variations and trending worldwide. The choice is yours, and you can’t just miss this awesome hairstyle without trying it out.

  • How many hairstyles are out there you can choose in terms of UPDOS?

To make ‘’quick and easy hair UPDOS,’’ you won’t need to struggle enough or dig down deep. You can see below listed few examples and make one see how versatility they bring to your personality. So stop messing around with your hair and get your long desired daily maintenance which you dedicate your time and gives you results in a positive way. Here are the few of them you might need to know such as,

1) Classic UPDO with braided ponytail:

Are you sick of having an average ponytail then do not blame yourself, you can add color to your hair in a fun way and give a unique spin for everyday use? This hairstyle is pretty much is in high in demand. First, you have to do is to make a single braid and then braid it down from the side it can turn the whole complexion of your regular styling and adds more glamor.

2) Casual UPDO with Mohawk bun:

For many of you who don’t know that this hairstyle is undoubtedly the most adorable and fun loving and a great thing about it, you can make it surprisingly very comfortable. Once you go for a whole day, it will stay in that position and not even a single hair come out. It has subtle style making it the first choice for any event.

3) Intricate UPDO style:

The most impotent thing about these UPDOS hairstyles is that you get rid of the hard work making it very effortless. But it also not means that you can make it in minutes. All it takes is some time and patience to create one. Where this one comes in handy and has so many fans usually following for the modern women, who are crazy about it. Where this hairstyle comes, you can make it by creating a bun and then twist it at the ends of the braids and then fix them up as well.

4) High folded bun with fringes:

Another great example of making UPDOS for long hair easy is the great wrapped bread you can set in on the top and cover it with multiple different layers. Then make short fringes at the front of your bread and place on your forehead. This one is also very easy and quick to learn. You got to try this one out and see for yourself.

5) Messy formal UPDO style:

To look fancier then you can make this hairstyle. All is required is having long hair, and the little chaos sometimes needs to look cute. But it involves a little strategy and straight hair. If you have rounded hair or medium length, then you can still make this one quickly. First, make a typical UPDO and then wisps those loose hair from the side and set it with a pin permanently.

  • Is there any accessory needed to make this hairstyle on a daily basis?

For ‘’long hair easy to do yourself’’ it always requires different tools and accessories to make. UPDOS may sound harsh, but you can surely make it in the right way by having the right things, to begin with, The reason is simple it adds more style and ignites your overall personality in every way possible, and you look adorable and get ready to collect more praises from your colleagues and friends. Here are some hair accessories you can try to make easy UPDOS including,

  1. a) Ponies
  2. b) Ribbon
  3. c) Bow
  4. d) Elastic band
  5. e) Bobby Pins
  • Are UPDOS certainly the excellent choice to lift your overall personality?

Certainly yes, because UPDOS are more elegant and adorable hairstyles that suit any hair type even you have curly, messy, or short hair it suits very well and enhances your personality. Today, the fashion industry is all about UPDOS no matter how much bad hair was making skills you have once you learn how to create it will leave an influence on others. This hairstyle will never get old it’s getting increasing no matter what age you are it will make your day and astound everyone else by your charm and beauty.

  • What are the essential steps you have to follow to make a DIY hairstyle?

When you decide to make one you have to follow ‘’natural UPDOS for long hair step by step’’ to create a one, Mostly there are just four main steps you have to follow to make a DIY (do-it-yourself) hairstyle and learn the skill.

Step 1: brush your hair smoothly

Step 2: wrap them all in one hand and make a twist

Step 3: set it on your upper back of the head

Step 4: make a bun and fix it with a bobby pin

These are the typical way to learn the skill of making UPDO hairstyle after that you are ready to experiment even further.

  • For which occasions it is best suitable for you?

There are many special occasions and events in which you can make UPDO but the most valuable time when you need and many girls consider it is for ‘’wedding UPDOS for long hair’’ because this occasion is just perfect. Your real beauty lies within yourself, and special occasions and events are the excellent way to express it openly and glow it on everyone.

  • Can this style provide you the benefits you always wanted for your hair?

No matter for which purpose you want to make this hairstyle, it will provide you the potential results and benefits. So you need to stop messing around with your hair and grow it to make it longer because UPDOS are here to stay for a very long time. If you have shorter or tall height doesn’t matter as long as you have the desire to change your looks this can help all is required is your time so you can enjoy the benefits you always needed.

  • How long would it make a long lasting UPDO style?

One of the biggest questions that everybody has in their minds for creating a hairstyle about how much time it will take because usually today’s modern women are involved in a lot of stuff and are focusing building their careers and they require something different that is effortless and could be done in just a few minutes. So to make UPDOS for long hair easy it will take 15 to 20 minutes to make approximately.

  • Why is it worth to try out in the first place?

You can save yourself from the trouble and try this one out immediately because all the time you spent making other hairstyles will give nightmares and feel very frustrated so learn the basic first and open your hands with this one and see how much it is worth it.

Top 5 Unique Updos For Long Hair With Bangs And Layers For Girls With Round Faces

Today, it has been observed that the hairstyles of long layered with bangs are in high demand right now thanks to the long hair. Every woman wants a comfortable and effortless look. Where you don’t have to cut off your hair instead make them unique and manageable. So you eliminate all the irritating strands that are falling off your face. If are seriously trying to achieve a new look with some bangs and layers then you should probably see which face type you have to suit you to the right occasion.

The look does matter in every hairstyle, especially for girls who has straight hair and usually can’t pay attention of how to make it useful for them. But fortunately, if you are lucky one then UPDOS for long hair can make a big difference. Having some layers can add more volume to your hair weight by giving you a bubbly look.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about top 5 unique UPDOS for long hair with bangs and layers for girls with round faces to help you understand which is the reason they do not require special styling, and why they can suit with every kind of clothing.

1) Wavy long hairstyle with layers:

Some girls might have wavy hair; then you don’t need to cut it off you can add layers to your length. It adds more texture to your style. You can also experiment it with bangs to make it thicker.

2) Classy bangs with long layered style:

You can always try a simple but chic look, who doesn’t want bang to heat up their look. First, you need a hair dryer and paddle brush to make it. Even if you have weaker hair, it can certainly cover all it up without noticing yours by anyone.

3) Middle part French messy layers:

Now you won’t have to worry about having round face type, use your curls for advantage and split them into two waves and make layers according to your length making it more elegant and best suitable for any particular occasion.

4) Outward layers with choppy bangs style:

This style is a very sophisticated and only an expert level skilled can make it, you can try this one and recreate yourself with new persona like feathers hanging into your hair. No matter if you are a house wife or yet to be model this one makes you a great personality.

5) Frozen layers with back hanging bangs:

If you are want UPDOS for long hair with bangs and layers then this hairstyle might be you are looking for. Very easy to make, after making this you can use hair spray to hold it and you can just forget about the bangs in your back.

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