5 Simple Techniques Of Hair Removal You Should Try

The nuisance of having to remove most of their body hair is why some women don’t rejoice summer all that much. It’s always useful to go through the options checklist and see what we may change and improve in our routine this season. Whether it’s the obvious razor use, waxing or resorting to permanent solutions like laser treatment, it’s good to be well-informed before we embark on a hair eliminating venture.

Landscaping and other shaving maneuversVarious methods of hair removal

Dare try out men’s multi-blade machines: they are less expensive than women’s and provide a closer shave. A sharp blade is an essential asset of a good razor, so wield it carefully. Make sure to remove the dead skin using some alcohol. For shaving of the nether regions, baby oil rocks, preventing irritation and old stubbles.

Highs and lows: It’s perfect for fast, daily fixes. However, its results are short-lived, and hairs may grow back stronger.


I’m entirely sure they used hair plucking in the medieval torture procedures because this one is just a lot of pain. Thankfully, the cosmeticians now use some numbing agent for the facial hairs. Leaving your eyebrows in the hands of professionals is recommended if you’re not as skillful as I am with tweezers. Apply a calming balm after the session.tweeze

When it comes to body hairs, epilators take the scene with their superior mechanism. Some women use it for bikini area too, so it all depends on your pain threshold. Try it out with proper use; it just might be your thing. Remember to exfoliate before and moisturize after, and follow the product manual closely.

Highs and lows: It’s immensely efficient as it removes the hairs with their roots, and insanely painful in almost all regions for most women.


This technique is also one of the new-old ones that got adopted worldwide. Threading is a standard procedure for hair elimination among the Indian and Middle Eastern population. It provides higher precision and a gentler effect on skin than waxing, for example.threading

By using thread pieces, your trusted salon professional will twist, grab, roll and finally pull out a whole line of other hairs. The advantage is also the ability to handle the barely grown-out hairs.

Highs and lows: Considering the simplicity of the method, it is outstandingly precise and natural. The downsides are the unpleasant sensation and the time-consuming procedure.


I remember seeing my first depilatory cream, and I thought about how is this magic even possible. If you never looked into it, the hair removal cream employs its alkaline content to thin out the base of the hair. By wiping out the cream, you get the hairs with it easily. Naturally, the mixture may not suit everyone’s skin, so it’s important to try it out on your forearm first. If the reaction occurs, attempt with the products for sensitive skin.cream

Highs and lows: The hairs grow softer and finer. It is ideal for peach fuzz and armpit, but not applicable for thick body hairs. You may feel slight burn or tingle after the procedure as well.

Laser method

Lastly, if you want to make a solid but permanent investment in your beauty and hygiene, opt for laser hair removal. The method is painless, requires around 8 to 10 treatments and has no side-effects. This FDA approved technique can absolve you of constant worry about hairy legs or uni-brow for life. Invest in the selection of highly-trained experts to perform the method, don’t be stingy and risk the occurrence of skin damage or incomplete results.laser

Highs and lows: The results are long-lasting and easy to get. On the other hand, once it’s gone it’s gone, so if you want to keep your lady bush like Cameron Diaz only remove the absolute necessity.

Whatever method you choose, always consult with the aestheticians (and doctors) to ensure the optimal result for all seasons.

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