Most Glorious Trend of Updos for Long Hair With Bangs and Layers

The long and short hair remains a consistent style throughout the fashion history. What the matter is that how girls carry their hairstyle that matches and looks good on their personality. Also, some updos that do not look good on a special dressing. Like if you make a braid while you are wearing a jeans and shirt. It will look odd! You have seen Rihanna how she carries her hair? How accurate yet perfect look she has. While at times, she takes off fashion hairstyles though she looks best. So, here I am going to tell you some updos for long hair with bangs and layers.

Moving on we are going to discuss a fabulous and creative hairstyle. Wearing jeans, shirt, and jacket you should take bun style on your hair with bangs and layers.

rihanna hairstyle

Why should young girls carry  updos for long hair with bangs and layersshould young girls carry updos

But, why you choose this style? Before going to tell you more about the style first of we must discuss here that what is the peculiarity and why we should make this style? So, we all carry fashion, but in style, we want to look unique? To look unique is the demand of every girl, isn’t it right? Yes, it is! Thus, this style will make you look different than others. It will make you look gorgeous. Maybe many of you know or don’t know that it is our hair that adds charm to our girls’ beauty.

You should take this style to be a perfect girl. If you are a teenager girl and it’s your desire to be attractive so you must carry once this style.

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Go to the salon and have your hair cut in the bangs and layer style. And if you have it already then just untie your hair and wash them and nourish them properly to get a smooth and shiny look. Then use a dryer with after shower gel to keep your hair in a natural look.

Now in this hairstyle, your bangs will be on your face to make you look innocent yet attractive, and your long hair will loosely tie up onto your head just to make your neck clean. It is an embellished updo.

Things you will need to make you hair styleThings you will need to make you hair style

You will need brush and comb to untie your hair. The bobby pins to keep your hair stick in the right place and a rubber band to tie your hair. Further, you will need hairspray. Small funky color clips to make your hair decorated.

How can you make it?updos for long hair with bangs and layers

First of all, brush your hair and then place your bangs separately on your face so that it does not bind into your pony.

Make pony up high on the head and then divide your pony into two parts. Make a knot with it and then carry this tie till the end.

Then do hair spray and then slowly wraps it around the pony. And use a bobby pin to set this.

Finally, when you did with it then sprinkle hair spray again and then comb your bangs and place them on a front left side and make sure that bangs cutting look proper.

Conclusively, surely it is going to give you the best look. You must give it a try at home because it is believed by the hair salon specialist that girls’ love to have this style!

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