A Insider Guide To Updos For Long Hair Style Step by Step For Any Age

There are many updos for long hair step by step tutorial you can do with long hair that is perfect for the summer to keep the heat out and stay comfortable while still looking great. We will be going through a few of them and teaching you how to do them on your own.

Faux Bob updos For long hair Step by Stepfaux bob updos for long hair step by step


Start off with your hair curled, and the longer it is, the better. Gather a small portion of your hair on the back side of your neck and wrap it into a bun and hold it with a small pin. This part will act as a base that the rest of the hair will eventually pin too as well. Grab a section of your loose hair from on top of the base and tuck in over and under it. Try to keep it there with spray or the pin.

Faux Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

fauxfaux bob for naturally curly hair

Continue doing this with more strands of hair and locking them over and under the bun, you made as the base for the updo and continue pinning to keep them together. Once the portion of your hair is all together and still with the base of the bun, start upholding the top head layer and using the pin to pin the end of the high head layer hair into the bun. Leave some hair in the front and adjust your hair to your liking. I will suggest few strips in front are always good looking. Your hair should now look shorter than usual from both the front and back.

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 Double Rope Braid Bun Updodouble rope braid bun updo

Your hair can be of any texture, the taste here represent either you are a curly hair person or a straight hair person. First of all, hold your back hairs in the form of the ponytail and divide them into two equal parts. Now you want to twist both parts and your hair away from your face in a counter-clockwise direction. Take the back portion and bring it in front of the other part and repeat this. You want to continue paying the back right portion in front of the other part, while you are doing this, you are achieving the braided form, by twisting the two sections one way and then weaving them together with the other direction.

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Updos Using Braiding HairUpdos Using Braiding Hair

Grab a rubber band or a hair band and tie the end of the rope braid you have made. If you want the hairstyle completed here, it looks cute, or you can continue to make the bun. For the last step, you want to enclose the braid you’ve done the top rubber band initially used until the rope braid becomes a rope bun and then you want to use hair pins to pin the bun so that it stays intact. Make sure the bottom part of the bun isn’t revealed, so it looks better.

These were our two favorite summer updos for long hair step by step guides. Hope you have enjoyed them.

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