Top 12 proven home remedies for fair and glowing skin in winter

In the gathering of girls, the topic of fair complexion is a much-repeated question that shares views and exchanges the remedies to make skin fair and glow. The real effect remains a dream to those who lacks it, and it’s a question that is asked almost every day in the world by many people. Earlier, it was restricted to the girls alone, but now the paradigms have been changes and individuals are seeing the world from their perception. Now males are also stepped in the race of fair complexion besides the females. So, now to answer this question I am going to tell you the most accepted and most proven home remedies for fair and glowing skin in winter.

Types of remedies:

There are two types of treatments; one which is applied and the other which is eaten.

Both these solutions work equally. However, the eaten one has more lasting effect than using one. I will tell you here both these remedies and I will appreciate you if you will follow the later one with the previous one.

12 home remedies:

Lemon Juice:Lemon juice

Tans, scar, black spots on the skin are the usual one which is faced by generally overall masses. Lemon which is a fruit is said to have the properties to fight against the scar, and it is a natural bleaching agent to minimize the dark spots of the skin. Take fresh lemon juice and then one teaspoon and then apply it onto your face for 15 minutes. Remember, if you fell any allergy or if your skin is sensitive then dilute it with water.

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Honey: a natural scrub:honey

After lemon, here comes the object for the natural scrub the Honey. Yes, honey is a natural semi-liquid golden color type gel which has characteristics to overcome the pimples and moisturize the skin. Eating it in the morning and application on a face by mixing it one teaspoon of sugar is good to get the ideal outcome.

Magical tomato mask:tomatoes mask

Tomato is the fruit which is available throughout the year. It makes our skin glow in both ways, whether we eat it and make it a part of our salad or apply its mask onto the face. Make a paste of tomato by crushing it vigorously and apply. You can rinse off after 20 minutes.

Skin nourishment with water:glass of water

Water is the solution to almost half of your problems. Make a habit of drinking water in much quantity. If your stomach and you are not habitual of drinking water in a significant number, then add flavors in it and then drink. It makes your skin tight and keeps it fresh.

Remove your Dark circle:remove dark circle

Dark circle on your skin also makes your skin and face apparently darker. Hence, use cucumber and potato slices to reduce the dark shadows.

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The excellent Sandalwood:Sandalwood powder

Sandalwood powder is made up of natural wood of sandal which is good to use by making the paste it onto your skin to keep yourself safe from acne and oily skin. These are some remedies which need your consistent effort.

Clean your skin with cleansing lotion:Clean your skin with cleansing lotion

Cleansing is the best option you ever have to make your skin clean from the minute dust particle. Buy any cleansing cream of a branded company and then follow the instruction it’s quite easy.

Tip of baking soda:tip of baking soda

Baking soda; take one teaspoon of baking soda and the mix lukewarm water to it and then apply on your skin. Wash it off after 15 minutes. It will work as anti-bacterial and will minimize the secretion of melanin cells.

Grow with Aloe Vera:Aloe Vera gel

If your skin is sensitive and turns red in winter, then it means your skin cells needs the stimulation of growth cells. Aloe Vera’s gel-like substance presence in a leaf is much beneficial. Apply onto your skin and wash off when dries completely.

Role of fruits:fruits-market-colors

What is the role of fruit? Is your diet affect your skin? Yes, your diet and intake of fruit are also a matter of fact. If you will take more fruits, then your skin will glow and will look fresh always.

Home facial:home remedies for fair and glowing skin in winter

Facial contains cleansing, scrub, and mask. For cleansing, you can take any moisturize or rich cream and rub it on your face so that pores becomes soft and then rub on your skin with the scrub of honey with salt or sugar granules. Then finally, use the mask for making your skin shine.

Glow with Rosewater:Rose water

Rose water is one of the most using water for the face to make the smooth skin shine. It gives your skin a fresh look, and it also cures the sensitive and irritated skin.

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