5 Simple Tips And Tricks To Make Yourself Look Slimmer

With the winter almost behind us, we are suddenly becoming aware of the few extra pounds we’ve gotten over the holiday season. Usually, those few extra pounds are those that just keep coming back no matter what you do and no matter how many times you’ve tried to shed them. Yes, we hate it too!

However, good news is that until you go on a heavy diet and exercise routine again, there are several ways that can help you out in looking slimmer and feeling absolutely gorgeous. Some of them you know already, others you don’t – but anyway, they sure will be helpful.

Manipulate figure through clothes

Color blockingcolor blocking

For all the curvy girls, color blocking is a God’s given clothing trick that will elongate the figure and make those curves pop, but in all the right places. With body-con dresses getting popular, color blocking has found a way of keeping your outfit flirty and sensual yet reducing the hip moment quite visibly while taking the eye straight to the tiny waist and overall hourglass shape you are after. Smartly combining black and nude (black on the sides, nude at the front and back), white and black, or virtually any color you like will shape your shape better than anything else!

Peplum dresses and shirtspeplum

Peplum, peplum, peplum! It’s amazing for all the girls looking to accentuate their waist and get the hourglass shape figure! Opt for a belted peplum dress or a straight peplum and you can’t go wrong! You may even choose a peplum shirt and pair it up with skinny jeans for a modern vibe. Peplum will hide all the extra pounds you’ve got while at the same time making you look super chic and attractive. If Kim Kardashian can rock it, so can you!

Dark colors

Black.Is.Everything. It not only looks chic but it slims down the figure in a matter of seconds. Pair up your black jeans with a black ankle boot to elongate the legs and looks upper slim.  Amazing!

Stripesstripes (1)

Vertical stripes are a much-loved trick in the fashion industry that makes the body look thinner than it actually is. When you are wearing stripes, don’t wear them on stretchy materials as they may, well, stretch and look sloppy. Choose them for blazers, pants and shirts you’ll wear a blazer over. You may also wear them in jumpsuits or in some color-blocking combos. You’ll look taller, slimmer and incredibly chic!

Start cosmetic treatmentsNormal skin night cream

With the beauty revolution, we are a part of, you’ll notice that there are plenty of cosmetic treatments that may help us achieve that gorgeous look we’ve been after for so long, yet with not much effort invested. That is not much effort on our part. For all the girls (and boys!) who have been fighting those extra pounds and didn’t have much success in eliminating them with any amount of exercise or diet, there is an amazing treatment called cool sculpting. Cool sculpting is a form of body sculpting which aims to eliminate unwanted body fat and tone up the problem areas which do not respond to exercise and diet. It’s the probably only non-surgical procedure that can eliminate excess body fat clinically. And that’s why absolutely love it!

Pay attention to makeupmakeup

If you’ve gotten a little chubbier in the face or neck area, you can manipulate your makeup in such a way that any “extra” parts are significantly reduced. Turn to contouring for emphasizing the cheekbones, chin and temples for an elongated face shape and avoid blush directly on the cheekbones as they will give your face a rounder shape. Go for the under cheekbones blush to give the face a slimmer tone.

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