5 Perfect No Heat Summer Updos for long hair Styles

Hair is a critical feature in people. They provide a vital role in the normal day living and give a perspective towards the gendered origin from which that particular style was generated. There is a lot of difference between man and woman long hairstyles, yet both have their uniqueness. The more generic haircut I’m going to take today is a updo. You will think what an updo it is a ponytail made of long hairs. Something as simple as a ponytail can be referred to as an updo however they’re mostly recognized as more select styles for events such as weddings and are also great to keep you comfortable during the flaming summer.

Out of all the different kinds of updos, we will be viewing a few of the best summer updos for long hair which will be both adorable and provide comfort from the heat. Summer hair is all about not getting irritated by the heat and your long hairs so here are some.10bb03e448681f22e5a7879893ac4618

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to summer updos for long hair

The Faux Bob
Faux bob hairstyles tutorial

Sometimes you may feel like just cutting all your hair because the heat is getting to you, try this style before you give that thought. It would be almost like a short haircut, and it’s very comfortable especially for ladies with long hair who just can’t take it in the summer heat.

The Dutch Side Mermaid BraidDutch-Braid-hairstyle

So this updo is a double sided braid which referred to as a mermaid braid.it is often called mermaid, but it looks like that they are inspired and designed by Disney hair style. It’s an excellent style to do for long hair. If your hairs are not long, it has another version that is known as braided bun version.

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The Messy Top Knot
Messy Top Knot video tutorial

 The Messy Top Knot look is good for someone who isn’t looking for something too tight or firm and just all in all comfortable. It gives you a nice messy look as the name suggests and it’s also one of the easier updos to do. This hairdo is at home when you are washing dishes or doing the laundry it’s a knot to keep the hairs together.

The Rope Bun
summer updos for long hair
Rope bun updo tutorial

 The Rope Bun is similar to the messy top knot in the sense that both of them are pretty casual and messy. These hairs are made up of traveling. Just do them, and you are ready to go. It’s also perfect for even around the house if the heat is getting to you and just to keep the hair off your neck.

The Braided Headband

Braided Headband2

As this hairdo is hard to do from other mentioned haircut but you will be amazed how beautiful it turns out to be once it is done. This updo is perfect for going out for a drive, weddings or any occasion really and is slowly becoming a summer trend. Once you get the hang of doing it, it can be quite easy to make it.

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