Celebrites Who Had Look Hot With Simple Updos For Long Hair

People wore small hairstyles or natural hairstyles because they want to keep it simple and learned whenever they need it to be it can be a hurry situation or confused path of endless hair problems. However, a lot of people don’t know that some simple updos for long hair that are easy to do and will help you feel easier relaxed, look great and keep you cool. Hairdo are y usually perfect for long hair as it lets you keep your long hair without any problems such as it getting annoying on your neck or you being worried about how your hair is going to look after a good night’s rest or even the weather can affect how you want your hair a lot of the time.

4 Beauteous Easy Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair in 10 Minutes

When we talk about weather effect hair, we mainly mean rough and dry hairs, oily hairs, and sharp edges. Yeah, the weather is nightmares for hairstyle lovers. Here are some simple updos for long hair that don’t cost much of your time easily made and weather doesn’t affect them much.

Simple Updos for Long Hair And Easy Hairs Best and Catchy:

Rihanna Ballerina Bun

jenniferLopez hair styles
Found On look.co.uk


This hairdo has been done by many famous celebrities such as Rihanna for worth. For started, it is a high head, or you can say the top of the head bun. Now you will think that most of the bun are back of the head but yeah it is a high head. Long hairs is a must for the ballerina bun, and we are going to make a ponytail. AS soon as the ponytail is done make sure that no strands are left and grab the base of the ponytail.

Super Sexy Braided Updos For Long Hair Styles To Look Gorgeous

Reese Witherspoon Oscar Updo


Then catch the ponytail with your other hand and start rounding it in the form of a coil. Now make a knot of the ponytail. Get all the loose ends of hair and mix it into the bun then pin it with a bobby pin. You can add hairspray for extra quality if you want but not needed at all.

Anne Hathaway Low Chignon

Found on Zimbio
Found on Zimbio

simple updos for long hair

While ballerina bun is a must long hair. This hairstyle is not a must long hair style as it is all about a low bun do. Clip some of the hairs from the front and some from back so that they don’t get away what you are moving towards. You need to make the look of your hairs that there are filling so for that hold half up and half down. After the last step keeps your hairs in a ponytail format and then pulling it into a  bun.

Selena Gomez Elegant UpdoSelena Gomez Elegant Updo

Now from the upper portion of the head. Grab some hairs and pin them onto the left side of the hairs. Do the same for the left end of hairs. Make sure both sides are pinned as similar to each side. A safety check is always good so make sure every side is correctly anchored. Now  spray on all over the hairs it will look good and present it better by keeping it together.

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