Welcome to Fashonik is a web portal for the latest hairstyle trends. Here you will find all information about the trendy hairstyles which are in these days. New hairstyle ideas are also discussed on this blog. According to us the privacy of our visitors is important to us and this privacy policy explains how we use personal information of our visitors and collect their data.

Type of Information we collect:

In order to visit our site you don’t need to provide us any kind of information to us. However in few functions you need to register your name and email address like in comments sections or subscribing to our newsletter. In this case you have to provide your email address and your name. It is the information you provide manually.


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Type of Information which is collected through other services: The information which is collected from Google Analytics include gender, viewing data or demographics

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The comments you publish on our website will become public property so it is advised that you should not write private, irrelevant or religious comments.

Privacy of visitors:

Privacy of our visitors is extremely important to us and we ensure not to disclose any personal information of our visitors. But it is also recommended to our visitors they should not disclose any personal information or religious details to avoid any inconvenience.

Privacy of Children:

In order to give online protection to children it is recommended that parents should spend time with their children during online activity. This website does not collect personal information from kids under 13 years but if any parent feels that our website contains such information then he should contact us. We will immediately remove such information.


Images used in this website are collected from different sources and sites. We always respect the rights of owner by giving credits to the owner. But if you are owner of any images used here and you feel that we have violated your content then feel free to contact us. We will remove particular image from our website.

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