6 Perfect Bridal Beauty Hacks You Never Want To Miss

The most important thing when we talk about the perfect bridal beauty guide is to plan ahead. Not only is your wedding speech necessary for the marriage day, but also a lot of self-care rituals. You should set a schedule that includes your most important health and beauty needs.

While some experts consider that 30 days is ideal for your most important self-care rituals, others say that it is best to begin 3-4 months before the wedding.

Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin

Experts recommend you to do a series of monthly facials several months before the wedding. The last facial should be no later than two weeks before the marriage day. This way your skin will look perfect. It is vital to choose the right facialist and to see his previous works. Look carefully at those girls who are leaving the salon. If their skin is not glowing and if they don’t look great, you should look for some other facialist.

Timing Tips

event timing

If you are a future bride, it is also recommended to avoid dermabrasion, glycolic peels or some other chemical treatment at least one month before your wedding. This way you will reduce the risk of irritation, redness, and any allergic reaction. If you are using injectable wrinkle fillers or Botox, you should do the treatment at least three weeks before the wedding. On the other side, some less-dramatic procedures like a cool touch laser can be done one week before the wedding. A cool touch laser will tighten your pores and fix tiny broken capillaries. It will give you a perfect skin.

Wedding Day Pimple

remove your pimple spot

If you already have a problem with acne, you should avoid any new cosmetic products a month or two before your wedding. But, what to do if you notice an occasional pimple on your lip or face that is usually caused by stress?

In such case, experts recommend a hot compress in combination with a cold compress and benzyl peroxide that will certainly kill any bacteria. If you have skin irritations, experts recommend using fresh cotton pads that are soaked in milk or chamomile tea and then to apply lukewarm water to the affected area. What else can help if a pimple pops out the night before your wedding? Well, experts also recommend you to use toothpaste. If redness is also present in the morning, you should apply a drop of Visine, the eye care solution, on your pimple.

The Body and Facial Waxing

Various methods of hair removal

The body waxing should be done at least three days before the big day and even earlier if you have never done it before or if you have sensitive skin. Any facial waxing should be done at least ten days before the wedding, to avoid any irritation and redness. Also, it is best to have brows that are shaped one week before the wedding, to prevent swelling or even a little bleeding.

Teeth Whitening

How to make your teeth whiter overnight

When it comes to a teeth whitening, it is always best to see your dentist before you buy any over-the-counter product. Some teeth-whitening products may irritate your lips and gums and also cause swelling. There is a way to whiten your teeth naturally, by eating carrots, celery, and other raw veggies. Also, you can rub your teeth with lemons or strawberries that will also remove all surface stains from your teeth. After using these fruits and vegetables, you should rinse your mouth with cool water. For the beautiful smile and white teeth, it is important to avoid drinking coffee, red wine, and dark sodas.

A Great Hair

It is also important to have a great hair on your wedding day, and most brides have their hair professionally styled.

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