7 Worthwhile Natural Ways To Reduce Your Hair Fall While Combing

Summer season it is or the winters, the loss or hair is almost the equal in all the cases. For some woman, it is the summer period that fetches the hair fall problem with the inception and sometimes it is winter season for many women which bring the loss of hair that makes them afraid that if this process continues they will soon see a bald head. So, here for you people, I am going to deliver my services in the best manner while describing you the 7 useful natural ways to reduce your hair fall while combing.

Before, I would tell you the remedies, let’s curb the causes that tend to create this hurdles for us. So, I know many of us do comb with the small teeth comb right after coming from the bathroom that is the dangerous thing for you.

Stop the combing right after the showerStop the combing

You must know that after the rain our hair roots become so soft that it can be easily breakup. Hence, do not comb and wait until the hair dries.

Head scalp massageHead scalp massage

The massage which used to stimulate the blood circulation in the head is a good thing. Nevertheless, when you do it in a harsh way it also becomes the very cause of the breakage of the hair from its root.

Tip: Use the lavender oil for massage and be gentle while massaging.

Gel mask for hairGel mask for hair

Choose the right kind of mask for your hair that promotes the healthy shine and growth of your hair by stimulating the roots. The Aloe Vera is the best for it because its enzymes do the proper work for stimulation and give a boost to the hair growth.

Take the proteins

Your hair loss can also be the factor of the deficiency of the protein in your body. Thus, you must consume the protein-rich substance in your daily meal. Or you can also consult the doctor and take some protein gel capsules. Consume Milk, cheese and yogurt- full of proteins!

The gooseberry (Amla)amla

It is a herb that is used to prevent the hair loss in all the seasons. In fact, it is also known as to give the shine and growth to the hair in a natural way. Take its powder, make it paste with water and apply to your hair half an hour before taking a shower.

Juice of onionJuice of onion

Onion, which is use for cooking purposes, here you can also use its juice to produce the collagen product in your hair that boosts the production of hair and promotes the strength in the roots. Just mash it and squeeze it, apply it!

Egg and yogurt maskEgg and yogurt mask

Many of us know these remedies but do not use it in your daily routine which is a bad thing for us. Later we face the harsh consequences. Thus, take an egg and mix it with one to two tsp yogurt and add coconut oil mash it well, apply onto your hair. Rinse your hair and use the conditioner.

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