4 Superb Stunning Messy Updos For Long Hair

Normally I get a question from my different friends and college’s is that their hairs are messy. Well, my reply to them is that your hairs are not dirty the are just curly, and they need your attention. Those people who have messy hairs find it tough to give a hairstyle to their hairs. They think it’s useless to give their hairdo to their hairs because they are wild animals that cannot be tamed. I feel very sorry for such people because they didn’t try on their hairs and gave up while there are so many styles that are just made up for such hairs they have.

So Here Are Some Messy Updos For Long Hairmessy updo for long hair

Messy High Bun 

messy updos for long hair

Now first we will talk about what is a bun. A bun hair style is in which hairs are tight rolled up and put into the back of the head. This haircut typically called a bun because the back of your head gives a look. High means here that your hairs mostly will be directed on the top of your head side. Messy is already described high messy bun altogether is the cute hairdo that typically done for some appearance on media or shows. Most of the celebrities follow this style when they go for the promotion of their movies or tv shows.

Braided HeadbandStunning-Braided-Headband-Hairstyle3

Braided hairs arrange your hairs into standard buns and decorate them. Well, this hairdo is especially for girls because it is a copied of fishtail hairdo that goes long hairstyle on the back neck. It not all fish tail but a small fish tail line is created between the forehead and the top of the head.messy braid headband 2

Gives it a very modern and adorable look. The braided headband looks so cool it feels like the hairdresser has shaped its carving to next level.

French twist messy french twist 3

Well, this hairdo is for all those men and woman who want a casual grocery or a great meeting hairdo. French twist hairstyle represents to be magnificent and causal. An individual can have some hairs all do without giving threat as they say “as long as it suits you. You do it.

French twist arranges your hair in the form of on bun on the back of the head then you leave few strips of the hairs on the back of the head to twist them in the form of fresh but on the bun. You can also leave few strips from your forehead.

Flip Ponytail messy ponitail 4

This hairdo is similar to French twist casual and elegant at same time. Could be worn at any party plus could be brought at any funeral. It might seem difficult at first sight but is pretty easy all it takes few handy strips from forehead to back of the head and round them up creating two-way looking strips at back of the head upper back piece and lower back strip.messy ponytail

According to these hairstyles, messy hairstyles are easy to achieve.

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