6 DIY Exquisite Medium Length Haircuts For Women 2017

Medium Length Haircuts For Women Latest Hairstyles Guide And Videos

Just take a look, haircuts and hairstyles from all around the world have gathered. Owning medium length hair is nothing but a blessing if you carry them right. Medium length hair provides you with a balanced approach to styling. They are sufficiently long to move around and adequate short for easy styling.

medium length haircuts for women
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The increasing popularity of medium length haircuts among women, demands the unique and exquisite styling. This is the compilation of some very famous classic, funky, shag and modern hairstyles and haircuts. Just go through them all and pick the most trendy medium length haircuts for women of your liking.

  1. Bright Office Look With Copper Fringemedium length haircuts for women 2

Best suitable for an office chic this hairstyle will give a bold look that makes easy your office hours as well as evening. Copper colored hair with fringes and a blunt haircut is nothing but extravagant.

Tutorial to style:

  1. Apply shampoo and non-coloring conditioner to your hair. Wash them properly.
  2. Then apply the soothing cream, blow dry them. (use paddle brush)
  • Sit flat iron to dimmest heat and apply it to your hair gently.
  1. Take a drop of oil on your hand and smooth your hair with an oily hand. Concentrate on the endings of hair.

Hair and face type:

Face with heart and diamond shape can use this style with the enhancing look. Women with medium length haircuts and naturally straight hair can wear this style.


High heat can damage hair so set your styling products on low heat while styling.

  1. Dutch Braid for Shoulder Length Hairmeduim length haircuts for women 3

Usually, the braid is always a dream style for shoulder length hair women. But here is the idea to make this wish come true. This Dutch braid is top amongst the shoulder length hairstyles. This style is simple to recreate and fun to wear.

Tutorial to Style:

  1. Use styling cream on apparently washed hair. Also, apply some gel to give a wet look. Not in the mood of washing up, no worries, just use some dry shampoo and brush your hair.
  2. Use any brush to dry your hair, preferably your favorite.
  • Create a partition on one side, start brushing the hair.
  1. Now start braiding a Dutch from parted hair.
  2. Also, add hair from the opposite ear side. And finish the braid by securing with elastic.
  3. You can also give your braid a rough look by pulling the ends of hair.
  • For polished look add some hairspray to hair.

Hair and Face Type:

This style is for any face type. But hair should be long enough to make a braid. This is a medium length hairstyle for thick hair.

  1. Rippling Waves

     meduim length haircuts for women 4
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Charming brown colored hair with soft and shiny waves comes as the style icon hairstyle for women with medium length haircuts. Give your face an enhancing look with the glamorous touch.

Tutorial to Style:

  1. Use moisturizing products while shampooing your hair.
  2. After towel drying your hair use medium round brush and blow dry the hair.
  • Create three sections of hair one with each ear and one at the back of your head. And leave 2 inches of hair out.
  1. Take curling rod of 1 inch and start curling your hair sections.
  2. Cool down the hair and then use a wide tooth comb to brush politely.
  3. Apply the small quantity of smoothing cream at the end.

Hair and Face Type:

Heart shaped face is perfectly suitable for this style. Hair that is naturally wavy and thick can wear these short and medium hairstyles.

  1. Lights Under Dark Hair

Beautiful brunette hairstyle with shiny light brown under hair is so cute to wear. Perfect look for party season.

Tutorial to Style:

  1. Use medium holds gel to create a wet look.
  2. Pick a medium size round brush to blow dry the hair.
  • Curl the hair with 1-2 inches winding rod from the mid-length.
  1. After the cooling down time, apply fingers to your hair and shake them.
  2. At the end use hairspray for finishing touches.

Hair and Face Type:

Round for sure, but heart and diamond shape also wear this style perfectly. Approximately all hair type can wear this style but naturally curly can do well.


It is not necessary to wear this style with blonde colors. You can choose from the waste range of dark colors with the light combination. For example, violet or red.

  1. Gorgeous Medium Layered Blonde Bob

    meduim length haircuts for women 5
    Source: fashionsgirl.com

Women with short hair usually go for the bob, but this medium bob looks so beautiful on medium length hair. The beauty of this style is that you can wear it casually or formally.

Tutorial to Style:

  1. Use mousse on wet hair and comb them to ensure the wet look.
  2. Use blow dry and dry the hair section to section. And clip the hair those are not entirely dried up.
  • While drying use large round brush and bring them down smoothly.
  1. Apply flat iron to the hair and set it to lowest heat especially for thin hair.

Hair and Face Type:

Face with heart, round and diamond shape, work well with this hairstyle. Beautiful textured and thick hair can wear these kinds of medium length haircuts for women.


To gain glamorous look with this style, try 1-inch curling rod to create curls at the bottom. And a sparkly clip can work like a charm to your personality.

  1. Copper Textured Afro Curlsmeduim length haircuts for women 6

These afro curls with copper texture make you look attractively wild. Highlights your personality and draw a lot of attention.

Tutorial to Style:

  1. Use volumizing mousse to create the damp look.
  2. Use a diffuser to blow dry the hair. Apply the blow dryer on highest heat setting but with the lowest speed.
  • Use 1-inch curling rod on well-dried hair. And curl until all the hair packed up from the face.
  1. Apply hard hold hairspray to the curls to secure your style.

Hair and Face Type:

Oval is the perfect shape for the style, but heart and diamond also do the trick. This ranking hairstyle is among the top medium hairstyles 2017 can be best for naturally curly hair.


If you want to get the smooth look, the suggestion is that first get some perm. After getting the perm, you can experiment with many hairstyles.