Stunning Beautiful butterfly hairstyle for Long Hair | (Step By Step)

You will be amazed to see that how the butterfly that flies in the air is attached to the back of your head. Yes, the same butterfly that flaps can be designed into your hair, but it will need some skills, built your skills to handle the hair and just enjoy this butterfly hairstyle for long hair only. It were not about to become tenses at once and worried if you have no skills, you should know that here I am present n your service to tell you or instruct you everything about this hairstyle and to guide you from a to z that how you can create it in your hair.

Best Pattern For Butterfly hairstyle for long hair

How much time will it take you must know so that you can manage the time accurately before starting this Updo. Note down here, that this style just for long hair, and if you don’t have long hair then sorry you cannot go for it.

So, let’s begin with this, there are two categories;

One, the braided butterfly, and the

The second one is the bun butterfly.

 Braided Butterfly

butterfly hairstyle for long hair

I will give you instruction on both these. The braided butterfly is consisting of braids, but the braids are made in a manner that when they complete it gives out a look of a butterfly. So it’s a bit tricky. I will advise you be careful while making this. After making the section of the hair, you must know that a braid you will have to make in between the parts that should be a small twist. Move on, make the four layers of braid that goes from the middle and end to the ear. It should give a look that these twists are coming from the central rib or centered little twist.

Finally, after making all the eight braids, you will have, to sum up, the hairstyle by securing it with rubber. In the end, you can make the ponies on the two sides of the remaining hair. So, here you have done with braided butterfly hairstyle for long hair.

 Bun Butterfly

butterfly bun hairstyle for long hair

Make a ponytail medium, not so high or not so little. Then divide this pony into two portions. Take the two socks which are now useless, cut down the lower toes’ part and then fold it. Put these two pony-like socks into the each divided section. Now wrap the hair around it oppositely. This butterfly hairstyle for long hair will be smooth and easy you will not feel a burden on your head.

Save the shape of both the buns with bobby pins, in the end; it will give a butterfly look. Now what you have to do, take an artificial layer of hair in a golden brown color that is readily available in the shops. Make a braid of that and then attach that light golden brown braid to the center of the bun. The butterfly bun is now ready, and you can go with it. Do not forget to do hairspray of your hair.

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