Beauty Of Natural Nails Over Acrylic Nails

Natural things do not require an explanation of being best. Obviously, natural things are best, and they have no comparison with any of the artificial thing. Let me give you an example, you buy an expensive imitation necklaces bright and intricate in design and have real shine, will you be able to compare it with any gold jewelry? Apparently, No, you cannot compare it because gold has its value. Likewise, the beauty of natural nails over acrylic nails can be discerned easily. The beauty that natural nails hold, acrylic nails do not hold.

What acrylic nails gives to you?

It’s easy to judge acrylic nails if it hurts it gives you a lot of pain, and there is always a problem with that. Like, you need to take care a lot. You need to refill; you need to change when it gets old. It gives you beautiful hands but a lot more damage to your hands.acrylic nails

An acrylic nail stops the oxygen supply of your natural nail bed. Hence, it deteriorates your natural nail structure. Usually, the nail specialist recommends the person with healthy nails not to go for the acrylic nails. Nevertheless, you will catch up with damage to yourself.

Sometimes, acrylic nails look dark when you put many beautiful things on it. Sometimes, we want our nails pure and simple, and those big acrylic nails are difficult to be simple.  You will need much time to remove these nails to achieve the simplicity.

Natural nailsNatural nails

The natural nails do not need anything to make look beautiful. You just need a simple manicure treatment in which your beautician will push your nails cuticles back and will apply a simple French nail polish onto your nails which are the best version of the nail.

A very straightforward and decent look it will give to you also you can apply any nail paint very easily. There is a variety of nail art available which can be made your natural nails look much beautiful than an acrylic nail.

Care of nails

Yes, I know many girls who complain that their nails never grow or grow at a very slow pace. Hence, I am going to recommend some tips which will help them in growing their nails.nials care

First of all, never bite your nails. Girls and women who bite their nails do very badly with their nails and as well as with their health too, as we know there is a lo many germs can be caught in our nails.

Then, do not use your nails as a tool. I know many of you scratch many things with your nails. Yes, you usually, scratch your nail gel when it starts to leave the cuticle area.

Take biotin food, like you can eat a banana, you can eat fish, milk is the best way t protect your nails. Calcium is the main thing which helps us in growing our nail length.

Hence, you must know this thing, if you will avoid the bad habits and will follow the instructions mentioned above, surely, your nails are going to grow at a very fast pace.

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