3 Astonishing and easy updos for extra long hair

Girls like to have extra long hair because they add charm to their beauty. But, many girls who complain that their hair does not grow after attaining a certain hair length. That makes many women worry and women turn to the natural and artificial means to grow their hair. Where the extra long hair is blessing there as well, this hair has become a hurdle for the girls when the point come how to tie the hair and what will be the hairstyle should we make that will enhance our beauty.  So, here I am telling you easy updos for extra long hair, these tips and tricks will give you ease in making a cute hairstyle for evening parties and other occasions.

Making of easy updos for extra long  hair styles

The washing and cleaning of long hair are too involved as well, and girls handle their hair with quite a difficulty that is why hair falling problem often occurs when the girls become unable to control and handle their hair properly. Making up a hairstyle needs clean hair. Daily outgoing makes your hair greasy that attaches dust particle and coagulate your hair pores. While it also brings hurdles in managing hair while making a perfect hairstyle hence, you need to follow easy updos.

Simple braid and fishtail braid



A simple twist is easy to tackle in your hair while you can also make a fishtail braid in your long hair. What happens when you select any style you need to have time to manage them simple twist never take much time. However, fishtail braid for new ones takes time. But if you will carry on making fishtail you will be habitual, and then it will not take much time.

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Long Horse Ponytail


Horsetail is liked by many and girls who have long hair have privileged to have this ponytail in their hair.  Make a high ponytail and then brings out an extended layer of your hair and wrap it around your pony and then at the end attach this layer at the bottom of your pony with the help of hairpin.

Messy And Braided Buns

easy updos for extra long hair


The messy and braided buns are also easy to make. When you have done making of braid wrap it round while attaching the bobby pins to held the hair bun in round shape. While the messy bun can be done like

step 1: brush your hair.

Step 2: take all the hair like we take for a pony and make it round and knot it. Then, make remaining hair twist and roll them on a knot. It’s done with a bun!

Tip: In both the hairstyles mentioned above you can pull your bangs out from the front.

Conclusively, these are easy to make when you willfully aware and make this hairstyle twice or thrice you will then be able to manage time efficiently in a hurry as well.

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