A Bride’s Guide To a Fairy Tale Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the unique and unforgettable moments of your life, and for everything to go as planned, it is critical to have good organization and consider all the details. Once you set a date for this beautiful day, it is time to get down to work and start managing everything related to the occasion. It is also important to mark a budget and try not to exceed it too much.

Remember, a fairytale-like wedding needs work and preparation. Read on and discover a bride’s guide to fairy tale wedding. These tips based on a happy marriage I organized in Sydney, but they are so spot on that they will work in your favor anywhere in the world.

Wedding Gownwedding gown

It is inevitable that choosing your wedding dress will take time. You have to be persistent and visit many shops and try every dress that catches your eye. Accept advice from the people you trust, but be sure to make the final decision yourself. Think about yourself and who you are – what is your personal style – and incorporate your uniqueness into a wedding gown.

More adventurous souls might like a flowy and frilly dress, with bows and flowers, while some ladies would love to accentuate their figure with a mermaid dress. Of course, there are many other options for those who are bolder, like colored and shorter dresses.

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Video and Photography

To immortalize this moment and remember the wedding day surrounded by all the friends, family and loved ones, it is customary to hire a production company that is responsible for taking pictures and recording video of this beautiful act.

There are many amazing wedding photographers in Sydney, so start looking for someone you would like the best. You have to book a photographer in time, even a couple of months earlier, to avoid worrying about this just before the wedding, or even worse, bad quality pictures.

Menu and Cakea decorated wedding cake

A few days before the wedding, it is advisable to agree with the restaurant or catering service on the menu for the celebration. It is advisable not to choose too copious dishes or a large number of appetizers, so that when they reach the main course, all guests will be satisfied. It is important to consider the vegetarian guests and foresee alternative dishes for them as well. Most importantly, you must not forget the cake.

When it comes to cake, you have to arrange it a bit earlier, depending on how complicated you want it to be. Look through the wedding cake magazines and decide on something that would be perfect for the theme of your wedding, both splendid in appearance and taste. Still, it might be best to avoid nuts just in case some of the guests suffer from an allergy.

Wedding Venueguide to a fairy tale wedding

If the bride and groom are from different cities, you will have to decide where the ceremony will be held. Once you choose the place, you will have to opt for the church, cathedral, chapel, city hall or courthouse, as well as choose where the banquet will be held. This is another task that should be done as soon as possible, for you to have a perfect setting for the most important day of your life.

The idea of the fairy tales has always led us to think about beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of this aesthetic and create your fairytale, with matching details for a perfect wedding celebration.

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