6 Stylish Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Saying that men are simple is a pure underestimation. The moment you figure this out, which usually happens when you need to decide which gift to buy for him, you will challenge the man-cave stereotypes. And the moment you reject stereotypes, you will find an entirely unique present for him. Also, lists featuring the worst gifts for him are also misleading. Someone may not like a watch as a gift, but if your other half is a gadget geek, a smart watch is the best thing he could wish for it. For all these reasons above, here is the list of six smart birthday gift ideas based on different sides of his personality.

Literary gift: for book nerds

For this type of present, browse websites such as Etsy, or Amazon Handmade to find one-of-a-kind handmade gifts. For example, the Oscar Wilde “The Picture of Dorian Gray” poster is a digital photo you can print out and frame it. If your man is a music enthusiast, as well, opt for a music album as Penguin book covers poster. A 221B Baker Street soy candle is a perfect gift for eco-conscious fans of the great detective.

Leather bag: for travelersbags

Whether you choose a laptop sleeve, a wash bag, or a backpack, you cannot go wrong with unique handmade leather gifts. They are perfect gifts always in trend. They are practical. They are durable and high-quality. A handmade leather backpack can only improve with age. Finally, they are unique just because they are handmade. Exquisite attention to detail artisans can be proud of is what stand them apart from other commercial products.

Ski boots: for skiersski-boot-257375_960_720

There is a host of ski boots on the market, so make sure you know which type of skiers he is to find ski boots suitable for him: beginner/intermediate, intermediate/advanced, or advanced/expert. Bear in mind that the size of ski boots is measured on a scale called Mondopoint. You should also pay attention to flex, which refers to how difficult it is to flex the boot forward.

Portable coffee maker: a travel gift for coffee loverscoffee-161112_960_720

The Aeropress coffee maker reduces the amount of time the ground coffee is in contact with hot water, which eliminates the bitterness of over-brewed coffee. Impress coffee brewer consists of only three parts. It functions as a French press, but it has a finer mesh. Handpresso and mini press are excellent choices for all espresso lovers. You can also buy some accessories, such as a manual coffee grinder, an immersion boiler, or a travel mug.

Camera: for aspiring photographsphotographers

Before you buy this kind of present, you need to be familiar with the basics regarding cameras. The first thing you should decide on is whether you want a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera or a mirrorless one. Unless your man is a total beginner, you can opt for mirrorless camera types as they are specific and have some technical disadvantages, which need to be learned. If you opted for a DSLR camera, you have two options: crop, or full-frame sensor. Full-frame sensors are more expensive than crop sensors, which gather less light and fewer data. If you can afford it, full-frame should be your choice.

Speakers: for the tech-obsessedspeakers-864474_960_720

Sonos Play: 5 is a multi-tasking wireless speaker, allowing you to play music from a phone, or tablet over WiFi and stream directly from various services without a separate device. On the other hand, Marshall Kilburn is a Bluetooth speaker, which has an old-school look, distortion-free output, analog knobs and switches and a rechargeable battery.

If the list does not contain a gift you are looking for, don’t worry. Make a list of your interests, and you will certainly find something to wow for her birthday.

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