5 Fashion Essentials For An Exotic Vacation

Exotic vacations must be the ultimate thrill for anyone and everyone, especially for girl fashionistas who are looking to give their fashion perspective a new vision, and at the same time experiment with what they’ve already learnt! So exciting!sea-beach-holiday-vacation

As a fashionista, I absolutely understand the drive, and as someone who’s been in the business for such a long time, I believe I am absolutely on spot to give advice to everyone who is challenging their exotic vibes and packing to go on a vacation of their dreams. This is why I am giving you a list of tricks and hacks you’ll definitely want to rely on for your next big vacation adventure!

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Ok, so – here I go:

Pack up the productscover

When you are going to a vacation, regardless of the destination, you want to have all of your products with you – exotic or not, the destination of your dreams may not agree with your skin or your hygiene habits which is why you need to have your most important items with you. Your hydrating crème, night crème, sunscreen, makeup tonic, and other essentials like teeth floss, hair brush, medicine kit and other stuff you normally use. Also, make sure you have allergies crème – just in case!

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Bring the basics

I absolutely understand the urge to look your most fabulous on this vacation, but the thing is – I’d always recommend bringing your favorite pieces, and pieces you know you look gorgeous in. Sure, you can bring a few pieces you’ve just bought and want to flaunt, but don’t overdo it. The basic pieces of clothes you feel your most wonderful at will help you ooze the beauty you feel on the inside.

Also, the colors of the summer are white, blue (navy, baby and turquoise), pastels and daring coral tones – make sure you incorporate them in your fav outfits!

Flaunt that bodybeach-1230517_1280

Assuming you’ve already got your tan on, it’s time you flaunt your curves for the world to envy! And – as every good fashionista knows – one of the keys to looking spectacular in your summer edition is to pick a swimsuit that covers all the right parts and emphasizes what needs to be admired; I always vote for getting the trendy piece of women’s swimwear in order to channel your inner Queen B. So, make sure you pick the right size and the cut that lines with your body type – no need to force something that simply doesn’t work, right?

Rely on accessorize

Accessorize can either make or break a look – this is why, to look great, you need to bring stuff that will enhance the beauty of your outfit but at the same time speak for itself; what will bring the extra e into your already exotic are definitely big sunnies (Jackie O inspired in sandy tones), turbans, headscarves, hats with huge brims, big earrings, chokers (yes, those Kendall Jenner inspired) and plenty of colorful necklaces to mimic the happiness of summer.

Makeup for the Queenwomen spring break makeup

You already know what I’m gonna say – summer is no time for heavy makeup, but keeping your skin fresh and youthful. The essentials for your exotic vacation come down to a dark shimmery bronzer for the cheekbones and collarbones, waterproof mascara brow gel (also waterproof), shimmery eyeshadows (for when you are hitting the town, in the evening) in yellow, blue, coral and white and lipglosses in coral shades, see through, nude or pinkish. Literally – nothing else. Leave your skin breathe and catch the sun, and trust you are the most gorgeous without makeup exaggeration… because, yes you are!

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