4 Expensive Useless Things Celebrities Buy (Hilarious)

All of us sometimes spend a lot of money to buy something that we actually don’t need. But, have you ever wondered how the wealthiest celebrities spend their money? Apart from expensive cars, huge houses and designer clothes, they also spend money on some things that are completely useless or even ridiculous. They simply want to satisfy their extravagant habits and buy something unusual.

In this article we will present you 4 expensive useless things that celebrities buy. So, let’s start.

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  1. Ghost Busting Gizmo ($ 50 000) – If you are wondering which celebrity has purchased this electromagnetic field reader that will keep ghosts away, you may not be surprised. Lady Gaga is afraid of ghosts and she has spent $ 50 000 to buy this unusual thing. It is also known that Lady Gaga usually pay ghost hunters and paranormal experts to check her hotel room. Knowing all that, it is not a really bad investment to buy a ghost busting gizmo.Lady Gaga
  2. Leggings ($ 100 000) – Like all other celebrities, Beyonce also wears designer clothes, but is it normal to pay $ 100 000 for leggings? If you didn’t know, one pair of leggings from Balenciaga costs $ 100 000 because they are embellished in pure gold. It is known that Beyonce wore these leggings on the stage of the BET awards in 2007.Beyonce
  3. Dog House ($ 325 000) – You may not be surprised when we tell you that Paris Hilton spends a lot of money on her miniature dogs. Her dogs are so small that look like toys rather than living beings. Paris Hilton usually carries them around in her purse and she loves them very much. But, spending a $ 325 000 on a dog’s house is quite unusual. But, it is not an average dog house that we buy for our dogs. It was especially designed and built to reproduce her huge mansion. A dog’s house also has miniature designer furniture, heating and air conditioning. Knowing all that, we can conclude that the dogs of Paris Hilton live better than most of us.
  4. A Town ($ 20 Million) – Have you ever heard that any celebrity has bought a whole town? Well, it is also possible. The Hollywood star Kim Basinger bought the town of Braselton in Georgia in 1989 for $ 20 million. She became interested in this town while she was stuck in a traffic jam. She wanted to make a grand tourist attraction from this town. The town of Braselton to be a place where people attend film festivals and visit movie studios. But, Kim Basinger didn’t realize her plans, so buying a whole town was a very bad investment. She sold this town five years later for one million dollars and then she declared bankruptcy.

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These are only some of the most useless things that our favorite celebrities buy. Some celebrities also buy fancy exotic animals, such as a Bengal tiger, others buy a dinosaur skull. It is also known that many celebrities spend money on solid gold bathtubs and humidifiers. Some of them buy whole towns or even islands. And why do celebrities do that? Simply because they can. They are able to buy expensive things and material possessions. Celebrities have huge disposable incomes, so it is not unusual for them to dump money on some useless things.
We hope this article was interesting for you.

Next time you buy something you actually don’t need, don’t blame yourself. Just remember what celebrities buy and how much money they spend and you will feel better.

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