10 things you should know while dressing on a new year party 2017

As a matter of fact, every year as usual in the end brings the happiness of Christmas that ultimately accompanied by a new year and makes the end of a year delightful and gives the unforgettable memories. With the end of a year a New Year that begins, herald the era of parties and celebration, and the parties of girls catch every ones’ eye hence, girls are on the focus point. Thus, they should know ten things while dressing on a New Year party.

We are all aware that on the eve of New Year cold breeze are always here to welcome us, and in the midnight, it ‘s hard to sustain the winter cold hence you should consider your dressing before going to a party. Wear a dress that both compliment your personality and protect you from the harsh winter night.

Dress code for party


A party night full of lights demands you to shimmer on the floor and be the center of focus of everyone. Hence wearing sequin high neck black dress with skin tight thighs is a good deal for the whole night. The high neck dresses always protect you from winter besides giving you an alluring and captivating look.

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Maxis and frocks:Maxi and long wedding frocks

Maxi and long wedding dresses that are backless are nice choices to wear. Shoulder fewer skater dresses are here to serve you as well. The choice is your choose the one which looks better on you!

Accessories that you should carry:


Necklaces, bangles, earrings, bracelets, rings are the essential objects that enhance your beauty. You must know what you should wear on which dress. With the backless skaters, long chain pendants are pleasant and perfect.


Matching rings that are both narrow and wide can opt. If you are wearing a black dress than a black ring with white pearl or sterling silver with one stone will be best to carry. Further, artificial cool owl or antique rings are in trend go for it if you like these!


Earrings should match with your rings or your pendant. If you are separately wearing a necklace, then ring and earrings must match.

Bracelets or Bangles?earnings

Bangles or bracelet, a choice, is yours! However, I will suggest you the bracelets with your maxi that are backless, if you are interested in bangles then sterling silver bangles should wear at night.


You must wear red lipstick that will make you overall look glamorous and appealing. Moreover, the foundations, eyeliner, mascara and blush are the main things that you must not miss. What about nail paint? Do not forget it. The nail art makes your nails gorgeous and enchanting. Red black or blue are striking color besides matching cuts.

Tip: during blush always remember to wear it dark. If you are using pinkish or peachy blush, then apply its two to three brushes because when you will expose to light one brush of blush will not reveal and give you the perfect look.

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Open your hair if you have short hair with bangs and layers on your shoulder less maxi. While for frock and skaters you must make a high ponytail.

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Purse, clutch or handbag?clutch

Handbag or purse are not right for you to carry on the eve of New Year because you don’t need to have a big bag to carry your luggage. Hence, clutches are good to hold. These are also available in different designs and styles. Chain clutch or hand clutch are currently in trend. A glittering clutch with sequin dress would be an ideal matching.

Sandals or pumps?pumps

Straps high heels with a maxi, sturdier heel if you are wearing backless skaters both will fascinate your demeanor. If you are going to dance on the floor and you want to go comfortable, then pumps are the best choice. The shimmering and glittering shoes decorating with stone will serve your purpose best.

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